Excellence, Service, & Reliability

We are founded on these values, and we bring them to every project — because customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Cabinet Peaks Foam is founded on excellence, service, and reliability, focusing on our customers as top priority.

Our Promise to Our Customers

Our mission is to make insulation a smooth and pleasant experience by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. We aim to be the top choice for insulation in the Northwest Montana – Idaho region, driven by our commitment to excellence, customer focus, and reliability.

We take pride in delivering exceptional standards in every project, ensuring your satisfaction with tailored solutions. Our reliable service means you can count on us every time to get the job done right.

We’re dedicated to providing you with superior insulation and dependable service. Trust us to enhance the comfort and energy efficiency of your home or business.

Applications Tailored to Your Project

Our closed-cell spray foam for roofs enhances thermal efficiency and weather resistance for your roof, especially important in harsh climates with long winters or humid summers.


Enhance thermal efficiency and weather resistance for your roof.

Cabinet Peaks Foam uses closed-cell spray foam insulation to optimize insulation performance in the walls of your residential or commercial space.


Optimal insulation performance in your walls.


Cabinet Peaks Foam's closed-cell foam insulation for Floors and Foundations ensures increased comfort and reduces heat loss through your floors, keeping you warm all winter long.

Floors & Foundations

Increase comfort and reduce heat loss through your floors.


Cabinet Peaks Foam offers tailored spray foam insulation solutions for unique situations and projects, like school busses, vans, airplane hangers, and more!


Tailored insulation solutions for unique needs and spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing is determined by the board foot of the applied product. This refers to a unit of measure encompassing a 12-inch by 12-inch square that is 1 inch thick. Additional factors may influence the final cost. To provide an accurate quote, a member of our team will typically conduct a site visit and assess your specific needs. For current pricing details, please contact our team directly.

We provide services across all of Northwest Montana and Northern Idaho, extending as far south as Missoula. If your location is outside of these areas, please don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we can accommodate your project.

Currently, we specialize exclusively in closed cell insulation and do not provide fiberglass or any other types of insulation.

Lead time varies by season, typically 2 – 8 weeks.

No, our spray foam insulation is made from HFO-grade materials, which are environmentally friendly and safe for both indoor air quality and overall health.

Understanding R-Value

R-value measures a material’s capacity to impede heat flow, with higher R-values indicating more effective insulation. Closed cell foam boasts a strong R-value of 7 per inch. Spray foam insulation establishes a continuous barrier, significantly reducing heat loss primarily through conduction.

Typically, R14 insulation intercepts 92% of heat conduction, R21/25 intercepts 96%, R38 intercepts 98%, and R49 intercepts 98.3%. In our climate zone, the minimum R-value for ceilings or rooflines is R25, which ensures a thermal barrier that prevents moisture-laden warm air from contacting the colder exterior, akin to the way a chilled glass gathers condensation. Standard custom home packages often feature R21 in the walls, R38 in the ceilings, and R14 in crawlspaces and garages, with options for adjustments. For workshops not continuously heated, R14 is typically used.
Understanding the importance of R-value in spray foam insulation with Cabinet Peaks Foam: closed cell foam has a strong r-value of 7 per inch, creating a continuous barrier to reduce heat loss, and different r-values will be utilized for different structures or insulating needs.

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